About Us

Rightify Ghana which was established in February 2020, is a non-profit organisation that works to deliver high quality programmes and services to empower LGBTQI+ persons through advocacy, human rights education, personal development activities, counselling, mentoring and community support activities. Also, we focus on empowering the youth to build safe and inclusive communities for the vulnerable.

Our vision is to ensure a society that celebrates diversity and acknowledges the dignity of marginalised and vulnerable populations as well as embraces full human rights for all people. This vision is to enforce in achieving some of the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals which is to protect the disadvantaged, the weak and the vulnerable within our societies. This adversity occurs in a variety of forms such as from economic deprivation to social exclusion, lack of choices and lack of freedom at all levels that is from continents to countries, regions within countries, communities and individuals.

Rightify Ghana Logo


We are dedicated to educate, empower and engage LGBTQI+ persons through programming and mobilisation in our areas of intervention with strategic partnership.


To see a proactive LGBTQI+ population with skills for positive change in our societies.

Core Values

We strive to foster a culture of responsibility and challenge the status quo inherent in our LGBTQI+ population with the following values as a guide:

  • People-centered – Putting people and their experiences at the center of our activities
  • Culture of collaboration – Working with strategic partnership for a better tomorrow
  • Stewardship – Use all resources efficiently and effectively in order to further the organisation’s mission to serve the people.
  • Dedication to diversity and integrity – We are an inclusive entity working with ethics and fairness
  • Passion for service – Show love and compassion for the people we serve and rejoice when their needs are met