Our Work

  • Rightify Ghana has collaborated with other LGBTQI+ organisation in Ghana on multiple activities aimed at empowering community members, fighting LGBTIQphobia including the proposed anti-LGBTQI+ bill
  • Partnered with some mainstream human rights organisations in Ghana on issues affecting the community
  • Collaborated with international human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch, OutRight, Synergia – Initiatives for Human Rights, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and others – to increase solidarity and support for the LGBTQI+ community
  • Engaged both local and international media to raise awareness on issues affecting the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana
  • Reported, documented and raised awareness about LGBTIQphobia and related abuse cases
  • Mobilized resources to provide support for victims of homophobia and gender-based violence
  • Tackled disinformation targeting the LGBTQI+ community and HIV

Human Rights Activities

Promoting the rights of LGBT Ghanaians


We promote the rights of LGBT Ghanaians through consistent advocacy of the simple proposition that human rights apply to all people, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons. 

We engage with local, regional, national and international bodies to promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons.

documentation and reporting  of Human rights cases

Documentation and Reporting of Human Rights Case

We are engaged in documenting and reporting human rights violations done against LGBT persons in Ghana. 

We receive cases of human rights violations from victims, document them and assist them in reporting the cases to the appropriate authorities for further investigation and action.


Media Monitoring and Human Rights

Media Monitoring on Human Rights

We are engaged in an ongoing activity to monitor the Ghanaian media and their reportage on LGBT issues in Ghana. 

The Media is a reflection of our society and it depicts what and how society works. Today’s media play an outstanding role in creating and shaping of public opinion and strengthening of society. Consequently, it is important to monitor the activities of the media, especially on LGBT issues in Ghana.

Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Services

We offer a wide range of services to meet the sexual health needs of LGBT Ghanaians. LGBT persons in Ghana face a number of obstacles to obtaining sexual health services. 

These barriers relate to availability and accessibility as well as the quality of the services provided. For example, laws and policies may limit LGBT people’s access to services and options, and some health centers may become barriers as well. To address this, Rightify Ghana is working in alliance with LGBT friendly individuals and civil society organisations and health centers to improve and expand sexual health services that respond to the needs of LGBT people.

In this program, we work to ensure LGBT persons can access LGBT friendly health services that provide accurate sexual health information, HIV and other STI tests as well as a range of other services.

Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial Services

We provide mental health and psychological support for community members.

Through our programme, we offer a range of services on cases such as depression as a result of societal stigma, discrimination and denial of human rights,  self-denial of outcome of test results, struggling with self-acceptance, addiction, dealing with suicidal tendency and other psychosocial related problems.

Psychological Services

Capacity Building Activities

Community Empowerment Program

We arrange and facilitate LGBT human rights focused workshops for 20 to 30 community members at a time, to expand their knowledge on the protection and promotion of human rights in Ghana.

We hope that through our workshops, LGBT community members will be empowered and also self mobilize to increase demand for LGBT human rights in Ghana. 

Again, our workshops help to identify and train new advocates within the LGBT community.

Ally and Stakeholder Meetings

We coordinate and engage allies from diverse backgrounds for the promotion and protection of LGBT human rights. 

Allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices of the LGBT movement. 

They help others understand the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect. Through this program, we organize events to dialogue with allies and other stakeholders on issues that affect the LGBT community in Ghana.