Gay man stabbed during home invasion in Cape Coast, Ghana

A 21-year-old man was stabbed with scissors in a confrontation with a man during a home invasion Sunday morning in Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana, a human rights defender from an organisation based in the region said in a report to Rightify Ghana.

The man (name withheld) who identify as a gay person was assaulted by a man who entered their house about 1:30 a.m. in one of the suburbs of the city.

In a telephone conversation, the victim who is receiving medical attention told Rightify Ghana that a friend of his rents the apartment and whom had requested that he (the victim) slept over while he was traveling.

While he was asleep, he heard noise from outside the room; which sounded as if someone was trying to break into the room.

According to the victim, he went outside to check if he would see anything, but found nothing. He returned into the room but couldn’t sleep so he decided to sit in a chair.

“While sitting quietly, I saw someone jump from the ceiling into the corridor. It was a man with a small torch light and a pair of scissors. Then I quickly went outside and asked him that ‘what do you want here?’,” the victim narrated.

In response, the intruder told the victim that “I am coming to do gay.”

The victim said he got terrified and told the intruder that we don’t do that here, so he should leave immediately.

This resulted in a scuffle and the victim pushed him outside into the main compound of the house and started shouting “thief! thief! thief,” in an attempt to call for help.

He continued his struggle with the intruder, who then escaped after he saw two people approaching the area.

“That is when I realized that I was bleeding and saw that he had stabbed me multiple times with his scissors,” the victim said.

The pair of scissors left behind by the intruder

According to him, he woke up later at a hospital in Cape Coast, as he had become unconscious as a result of the multiple stabbing during the attack.

He has undergone surgical suture – initiating treatment of the njuries that he sustained.

From the images shared by Glorious Interfaith Initiative, the intruder stabbed both of the victim’s shoulders and arms, as well as an area close to his right eye.

Victim receiving treatment at the hospital

The case has been reported to the Kotokuraba District Police Headquarters in Cape Coast. The torch light as well as the pair of scissors have been presented to the police as evidence; to aid their investigations.

This attack comes a day after a gay man was brutally attacked at Nungua and last weeks arrest of 30 LGBTI persons at Gbawe, both in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

See more photos of the victim below:

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